mandag 25. juni 2012

It's Monday - What Are You Reading?

I'm still reading Stephen King's "11.22.63", but with 700 pages I take small breaks and read other books as well. 

We're going to England in october, and to get in the proper travelling mood (ok, it's 3 months until we're going there, but I'm so exited), I've started reading Jason Manford's "Brung up proper". I love it!!!

Brung Up Proper

Jason Manford is firmly established as one of the country's favourite stand-ups and is up there with the best northern comedy legends. His career began one night in a pub in Chorlton when a comedian didn't arrive for his set and Jason, the 17-year-old glass collector stepped in to fill the gap. From that point on he's never looked back, until now that is...This is the story in his own words of everything that lead up to that fateful moment - a colourful tale of growing up with lots of family and not enough money, of getting by and sticking together. It is a story of his shameless extended clan of wayward uncles and singing nans and a gobby little knobhead at the heart of it all called Jason.Featuring rock-hard great granddads, doting grandparents, pub-crooning nanas, football-mad dads, pet-obsessed mums, more dodgy uncles than you can shake a stick at, failed exams, dead-end jobs, paper rounds, prostitutes, shocked priests, manslaughter, winning goals, sudden losses, replica shirts, chip-fat incidents, scary pubs, pet meat, fighting Gandhis, cancelled Christmases, Sir Oswald Mosley, flooded tents, call centres, circumcision, puppy love, friends for life, difficult girlfriends, gigs from hell, heart break and, finally, true love...With his laugh-out-loud tales of coming of age, Jason shows he's a generous storyteller and as natural an observer on the page as he is on stage.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg leser "CeeCee Honeycutts reddende engler" nå, og den er nydelig! :-)

  2. Jeg leser Tvillingen av Merete Junker, nyoppdaga forfatter for meg, men liker bøkene godt:-)

  3. Woow, that Stephen King book sounds loong!! But I love jAson Manford so this book must be hilarious to read! Hop on over if you have the time:
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  4. I haven;t cracked open 11/22/63 yet, but I so want to read it - probably be my big book for the summer.

  5. Jeg har enda ikke kommet i gang med 11/22/63. Jeg føler jeg sier det hver gang du nevner denne boken :-)
    Jeg skal ta den med meg på ferie og tenker den kan være fin til lange dager på stranden.

  6. jeg leser helle helles bok "dette burde skrives i nåtid". Jeg kan virkelig anbefale den forfatteren!